Discovering Corfu’s Beaches

I read somewhere recently that Corfu Island has over 113 beaches. I was completely taken aback by this. Despite the fact we are an island and have over 217 km of coastline and despite the fact that I have lived here for over a decade, this was news to me! Here’s a blog article I thought to myself…

So started my voyage of discovery, and quite a perilous voyage it was in some instances. I started at first, with our trusty friend Google but the highest number of beaches on Corfu I could find listed was 57. So I started to trawl through all the various articles and websites, but generally the same few, better known beaches appeared in these lists. If you want information on the beautiful beaches of Paleokastritsa, or the ever popular sandy beach of Sidari, no problem. A quick search and a 100 pages will pop up with the relevant information. But if you want to know the beast beaches near Corfu’s cruise terminal, or the remotest sandy beach on Corfu, then you will have to search a whole lot harder!

I did find one website that had some fantastic photographs of nearly all the beaches but as far as I could see the information listed was not entirely accurate for the few beaches that I know and love personally, which lead me to wonder about the rest of them.

So I started to make a Google map to pinpoint all the Corfu beaches I could find a mention of across the internet. Then I decided (as you do) to visit them, so off I set in my trusty (ish) old Panda, to discover uncharted territories.

Well I must confess, despite my map and my knowledge of the island I still got lost more than a few times and came across some roads I wouldn’t recommend taking your hire car down unless you have taken out the full insurance!

As far as my personal preference for a beach goes, the further away and more remote it is, the better. ‘Far from the madding crowd’ that’s my motto! But I do appreciate that some people like to be packed, sardine like, on sun beds in endless rows, with frappe’s on tap and the inevitable family playing handball, badly, close by.

Each to their own I say, but during the course of all this research I somehow came up with the plan that I should turn this information into a book. An eBook to be precise, easy for visitors to take with them and with a link to the aforementioned map so they could actually reach these beaches.

Corfu, beaches, guide book, map, greece, islands guide,
The Guide


There obviously isn’t the necessary information out there or I would have found out everything I needed to know without having to leave the comforts of my armchair and without risking life and limb to reach the most remote beaches we have. So here we are, months later and I have a book on Amazon. I have documented 117 beaches on Corfu Island! The ultimate guide to beaches on Corfu, well, I say ultimate, but I have plans for more research this summer……I am sure there is a few more that I may have missed, but I am willing to battle on, armed with a bikini and a sunhat, all in the name of research of course….;-)


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